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27 04 2009

i like it! it looks so much better and modern!

27 04 2009

i like it a lot!!! is so cool

27 04 2009

it´s so cool i like it a lot

27 04 2009

I think that if that much better that the logo takes time already passed and I think many people are going to love

27 04 2009
Rodrigo Zepeda

I like how Pepsi focused their new image on giving youth an optimistic way of looking at life in this global crisis. I think this image truly sends a “refreshing” message. About the smile thing, I agree with you, I can’t see a mile there, unless it’s sort of a “half-smile”. Personally I prefer Coke, but can’t wait to see Pepsi’s new image on every Guatemalan billboard.

28 04 2009

i agree with Zepeda it’s cool that pepsi cares about his image

and yeah it looks ”refreshing”

27 04 2009

lol this is awesome.. this new image will put coke in a low level maybe 😉 😀

27 04 2009

awesome pepsi logo its gonna be a hit though

27 04 2009

It refreshes you just by looking it !!

27 04 2009

its so cool i like this new image !

27 04 2009
Dck A.

mmmm and gave me a win! jjajajaja

27 04 2009

Well, its a great branding strategy…Will see how people will react to it. Lets just say we will be expecting alot of publicity to introduce this new image.

Great article!

27 04 2009
Hugo Rodas

mmmm That new image is quite rare, but it’s OK. It is what we can expect from Pepsi, a brand that “refreshes” itself periodically. I don’t easily grasp the smile, but we will adapt to the new logo in a few months. The TV ad is very good and effectively conveys the idea of “refreshing”.

27 04 2009

The unovation in the image of pepsi was guessed right. A new creative enough and refreshing concept, I like it.

28 04 2009

mmm im in the mood for a coke… but pepsi’s idea is really good. Interesting article about it, nice way of presenting the information.

28 04 2009

the best style…

28 04 2009

the blue one’s nice 🙂

28 04 2009

wo00www I like the design and in my view, because it divides the product of the cocacola providing it with a certain “identity” itself. I love something rare, but the logo has also been upgraded, to my taste very elegant! jajajaja

29 04 2009
Carlos Cáceres

Pues la verdad es que esta bien bonito el nuevo diseño, se me muy moderno lo cual seguramente tendra un impacto muy positivo en los jovenes, habra que esperar con que sale la Coca-Cola.

29 04 2009
Carlos Cáceres

McDonalds, la verdad es que sus hamburguesas son muy buenas, y pues aqui en Honduras la verdad es que a nivel de comidas rapidas son los que brindan el mejor servicio y limpieza en sus establecimientos, aunque aqui han perdido su proyeccion social que antes hacian a tavés de la imagen del payaso Ronald, aqui en Honduras al menos ya no lo hacen, yen cuanto a los precios bajos pues a comer se ha dicho, y aqui casi todos lo restaurantes han bajado sus precios o han sacado buenas promociones.

29 04 2009

that’s cool , I like the white one, is original and different and I haven’t
seen already a can with a similar style, I like it, I also like the quote : ”its about refreshing the world” 😀

5 05 2009

its very chilero… jajajaja but coke is the greatest gaseosa jajajaja =D

10 08 2009

The new logo is nice because it is simple and refreshing as all the marketing they are doing, positive attitudes to improve your day yeahhhhh

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