McDonalds actual marketing strategy (Guatemala)

24 04 2009

I just saw the press today and noticed a little article about McDonald’s keeping on with a strategy they have called  ” Grandes Placeres, Pequeños Precios”, (Big pleasures, low prices) which first offered Big Mac in Q12.oo, and other products such as sodas and burguers in Q7.00 . Now bringing up the second phase that introduces the Texan burger (hamburguesa barbacoa tejana) in Q10.00 and quarter pounder in Q12.00 replacing the big mac, also sausage burrito and small fries in Q7.00 come to replace the previous products.

In my opinion this is a really good strategy although I`ve noticed that Mc`s quality is lower. Taco Bell its doing the same with the Q6.00 and Q10.00 tacos but lets face it; McDonald’s its the top of mind. I also noticed the good public relations McDonald’s has in Guatemala due to the press article, it wasn’t advertising it was an article in the economics section. This week we were discussing in class how McDonald’s adapts to the needs of the customer; that has been their success, this is a pretty good example of how they apply what pure marketing is;

Needs of the customer.

So… Are you “lovin it”?

Original and creative way to advertise

Original and creative way to advertise , not only Guatemala has this strategy




7 responses

24 04 2009
Hugo Rodas

I liked it. A 8/10. I think Mc supplies the need of the customer in its prices, not in their food. I mean they offer cheap prices, which is good specially when you’re out of your house, but you don’t need to eat Mc to survive. Additionally, I agree that Mc food has lower quality and is the top of mind. When someone thinks in fast food, the first thing to come up to one’s mind is Mc, but that’s because of the strong advertising program and also because of their popularity.

25 04 2009

sure im lovin it.! haha

25 04 2009

That’s really nice, low prices.

25 04 2009
Rutger Van Gelis

Really nice blog; interesting topic. If you realize it all goes around marketing

25 04 2009

As you said, this strategy is making McDonald’s even better, they don’t even need it but they do it for the costumer, the only thing I’m sorry for, is that the mcmuffin isn’t in the promotion any more ='( because I don’t like those burritos

27 04 2009

yup of course i`m loving it. specially when there are special prices.. 😀

5 05 2009

the question is…. is the quality the same? but we always gonna eat Mc

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